ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Training

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High-quality test designs and specifications are the key to precise test cases and an efficient and effective testing process. This hands-on course provides technical test analysts with the ability to define and carry out the tasks required to fulfill the test strategy in terms of technical requirements. This training course presents a comprehensive overview of methods and techniques for deriving and specifying software tests based on the system’s requirements and design (“black box tests”) as well as its implementation and structure (“white box tests”). On completing the course, attendees will be able to select and apply techniques for test case derivation such as state-based testing and control flow testing as well as static and dynamic analysis. We will look at non-functional testing techniques such as reliability testing, portability testing, performance, load and stress testing. We will also discuss how to succeed in building robust automation architectures and using a variety of tools to reach a quality target. By the end of this course, an attendee should be able to:
  • Recognize and classify the typical risks associated with the performance, security, reliability, portability and maintainability of software systems.
  • Provide technical elements to the planning, design and execution of tests for mitigating performance, security, reliability, portability and maintainability risks.
  • Select and apply appropriate white-box test techniques to ensure that tests provide an adequate level of confidence, based on design coverage.
  • Effectively participate in reviews with developers and software architects applying knowledge of typical mistakes made in code and architecture.
  • Improve the quality characteristics of code and  by making use of different analysis techniques.
  • Outline the costs and benefits to be expected from introducing particular types of test automation.
  • Select appropriate tools to automate technical testing tasks.
    • Understand the technical issues and concepts in applying test automation.
      Purchase of course tuition includes:
      • Complimentary access to the RBCS e-learning course
      • Instructor-led three-day course
      • A set of approximately 350 PowerPoint slides covering the topics to be addressed
      • A downloadable copy of the complete note set. Download the materials to a PC or mobile device. There is no expiration date on access to this valuable resource as they will be downloadable. Digital rights management and intellectual property rights are protected by some limitations such as the inability to share the file with others. Further, while the materials can be printed, each page includes a prominent watermark, with the exception of the pages in the ISTQB Syllabus and Glossary.
      • Foundation Sample Exam Questions to provide a review of the Foundation Level exam
      • ISTQB Advanced Level Syllabus Technical Test Analyst
      • The latest glossary of terms used in Software Testing produced by members of the ISTQB
      • Standards for Software Testing
      • Advanced Technical Test Analyst Sample Exam Questions embedded throughout course. A complete set of questions for every learning objective in the Technical Test Analyst module of the ISTQB Advanced Syllabus
      • Exercise solutions
      • Advanced Technical Test Analyst Mock Exam
      • Project Source Documents for Course Exercises
      • Add-on option of printed copies of written course materials and/or supplemental textbook
      • Option to purchase the certification exam. If exams are purchased in bulk, discounted rates are applied. RBCS will coordinate onsite exam administration at no additional charge. All attendees of the Advanced Level courses must have successfully completed Foundation Level training.
      • Course completion certificate (often used for employer reimbursement)
      Accredited by ASTQB October 2021. This course follows the  ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Syllabus v4.0

      Blended e-learning, licenses and volume discounts are also available for companies.

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