ISTQB Test Engineering Foundation Level E-learning, ISTQB测试工程师初级培训电子课程


The Foundation Level Test course was created by Rex Black, President of RBCS, Inc., past President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), past President of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) and co-author of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board Foundation Syllabus.

本初级测试课程由RBCS公司的总裁Rex Black先生亲自开发,Rex Black 先生之前曾担任国际软件测试认证委员会(ISTQB)主席和美国软件测试认证委员会(ASTQB)主席,也是国际软件测试认证委员会初级大纲版的作者之一 。

This hands-on course provides test engineers and test managers with the essential ideas, processes, tools and skills they need in order to set themselves on a path for true testing professionalism.

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Review the major test design techniques with lecture and exercises
  • 通过讲课和练习来回顾主要的测试设计技术
  • Methodology behind a successful testing program and covers a wide range of issues, from those related to the individual tester to those related to the testing department as a whole
  • 成功测试项目背后的方法学,这种方法学覆盖了广泛的问题,从涉及个体测试人员的到涉及测试部门整体的
  • The testing process is presented, both through theory and hands-on exercises that follow an example project, including the difficult tasks of tracking and presenting tests results
  • 介绍了测试过程,既有理论,又有基于举例项目的实用练习,包括测试结果的跟踪和展示这种高难度任务
  • Creation of a test environment and test automation is also covered, along with system development lifecycles and how they affect testing
  • 也覆盖了测试环境和测试自动化的建立,以及系统开发生命周期和它们如何影响到测试

In accordance with the RBCS Green Initiative this course is completely paperless, unless you opt to purchase hard copy materials. Purchase of the e-learning course includes:
本课程符合RBCS绿色环保倡议(Green Initiative),完全无纸化,除非你选择购买纸质资料。购买此电子课程后,可获得:
  • Two months of unlimited access to the online course
  • 2个月内无限次查看该在线课程的权限
  • A set of approximately 790 PowerPoint slides covering the topics to be addressed
  • 一套近790页的幻灯片,覆盖要掌握的内容
  • Two sample Foundation Level mock exams to provide a review of the Foundation Level exam
  • 2套初级模拟试题,用于初级考试复习
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus
  • ISTQB初级大纲
  • The latest glossary of terms used in Software Testing produced by members of the ISTQB
  • ISTQB成员开发的在软件测试中所用词汇的术语表最新版
  • Standards for Software Testing
  • 软件测试标准
  • Test Engineering Foundation Sample Exam Questions embedded throughout course
  • 贯穿课程始终的测试工程师初级考试样题
  • Exercise solutions
  • 练习答案
  • Project Source Documents for Course Exercises
  • 课程练习的项目源文档
  • Shipment option of printed copies of written course materials. Contact us directly should you require written course materials.
  • 可选择寄送书面课程材料印刷版。如果您需要课程材料的印刷版,请直接联系我们。
  • Course completion certificate (often used for employer reimbursement)
  • 课程结业证书(一般用于公司报销)

Accredited by CSTQB. ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus 2007.

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Earn 22.5 PDUs upon completion of this course 完成本课程即得22.5 PDU.

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