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Black-box Bug-a-thon


If you are looking to spend one day learning powerful test techniques in a hands-on way using real apps, and having fun while doing so in a friendly yet competitive setting, this black-box bug-a-thon is for you. You’ll learn and apply the following techniques:

  • Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis
  • Decision tables and flow charts
  • State-based diagrams and tables
  • Use cases and user stories
  • Pairwise combinatorial testing

You will design tests, you will run tests, you will find bugs.  The best bugs will get posted on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Come with a mobile device, loaded with a chosen victim (er, we mean app to test), and a charger for when your lithium situation gets depressing. Dog lovers welcome but, please, no testing dogmas!

Included with the workshop is an electronic handout sent in advance for attendees to either print or bring to the workshop on their hand held device.

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