Improving the Software Process: A Value Based Approach to Building High Quality Software (Kindle E-Book)


The quality and effectiveness of the software development organization often determine the level of success of the entire organization. We have designed this handbook to explain the best practices of a development organization as well as to provide a means to assess those practices as they are performed within an organization. We have divided the best practices into the following twelve process areas:
  1. Overall Development Process Effectiveness and Efficiency
  2. Development Alignment with Project, Process, Product and Organizational Context
  3. Requirements Elicitation, Specification and Quality Assurance
  4. Elaboration, Specification, and Quality Assurance of Architecture and Design
  5. Estimation of Development Time and Resources
  6. Development Planning
  7. Development, Static Analysis, and Unit Testing of Components
  8. Integration and Integration Testing of Components
  9. Software Configuration Management, Source Code Control and Release Engineering
  10. Defect Resolution
  11. Development Status Reporting and Management
  12. Change Management, Project End-Game and Product Release/Deployment

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