Managing the Testing Process, 3 ed.


Test managers must take a potentially infinite job—testing a computer system— and accomplish it within tight time and resource restraints. It’s a tall order, but successful test managers have found proven ways to handle the challenges. This course will give attendees the tools they need to succeed as test managers, ways to measure and manage the skills testers need, the tools to hire, motivate and educate testers and the essential tools, techniques and critical processes that will help you manage and develop high-quality test systems that improve over time.

The materials presented in the course follow Rex Black’s book, “Managing the Testing Process”, which is the distillation of over two decades of software, hardware, and systems experience.

The objectives for this book are as follows:
  • Analyze quality risks, determine test project scope, and prepare a budget and schedule
  • Develop test plans and cases that address the important customer needs. Course Outline
  • Institute and use bug and test tracking systems that support effective test reporting
  • Prepare for and manage the challenges of test execution
  • Build and retain an effective, loyal test team
  • Work and communicate effectively with managers and peers, especially in terms of communicating test findings
  • Understand the test effort within the context of the larger project
  • Allocate scarce hardware
  • Manage a test lab
Purchase of the course tuition includes:
  • Complimentary access to the RBCS e-learning course
  • Instructor-led three-day course
  • Complete course materials noteset
  • Copy of supplemental text book, Managing the Testing Process
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