Virtual Selenium Tester Foundation Training


The Selenium Foundation is a practical training course aimed at test professionals who desire a basic understanding of Selenium WebDriver for creating web application tests.  Participants will learn about factors to consider when deciding to automate testing as well as specific techniques for navigation, interacting with GUI elements, logging, reporting, and more.  Upon the successful completion of the course, a participant will be able to create and run Selenium WebDriver tests without supervision. 

This is a three day course.  It consists of equal parts lecture/ demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The certification exam is a 60 minute, 40 question, multiple-choice exam.  Successful completion of the training course, as well as passing the exam, are required to attain the Selenium Foundation certification.

By the end of the course, attendee should be able to:

  • Correctly apply test automation principles to build a maintainable test automation solution
  • Be able to choose and implement correct test automation tools
  • Be able to implement Selenium WebDriver scripts that execute functional web application tests
  • Be able to implement maintainable scripts

This course is ideal for automators and those who want to learn automation using the Selenium WebDriver toolset.  While this course is accessible to anyone wanting to acquire a basic, hands-on knowledge of Selenium, the main audiences are:

  • People with no test automation experience who are starting to automate in Selenium (or who want to get a job doing that)
  • People with some GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium or starting to automate in Selenium (or who want to get a job doing that)
  • People with some non-GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium and starting to automate in Selenium (or who want to get a job doing that)

Attendees should have general knowledge of basic programming and some knowledge of Python.

    Attendees attend the virtual classroom via Zoom. Sessions start at 9:00 am Central and end at 5:00 pm Central. A recorded session is made available to attendees within 48 hours. Purchase of course tuition includes:

    • Instructor-led three-day course
    • A set of approximately 300 PowerPoint slides covering the topics to be 
    • A downloadable copy of the complete note set. Download the materials to a PC or mobile device. There is no expiration date on access to this valuable resource as they will be downloadable. Digital rights management and intellectual property rights are protected by some limitations such as the inability to share the file with others. Further, while the materials can be printed, each page includes a prominent watermark.
    • Selenium Tester Foundation Sample Exam Questions embedded throughout course
    • Exercise materials and solutions
    • Selenium Foundation Mock Exam
    • An electronic exam voucher valid for one year is priced separately and is available as an optional purchase.
    • Course completion certificate (often used for employer reimbursement)

    For all iSQI exam levels, an exam can be purchased with a single exam attempt only or a 2TRY exam can be purchased allowing for a second attempt regardless of the exam used for the Foundation Level certification. The second attempt must be made within 90 days of the first.

    Once the exam voucher has been issued, it is not refundable.

    This course follows the A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Syllabus.

    There are no cancellations or registration transfers to another date within 30 days prior to the start of a live course or after activating an e-learning course. You will be held responsible for 100% of the tuition if you cancel your registration within that time period. If the course is canceled by RBCS you will receive a 100% refund or, upon your request, your tuition can be moved to another course. 

    Volume discounts are also available for companies.

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