RBCS Green Policy

We have always worked to reduce, reuse and recycle. We recycle our shredded paper, we reuse our shipping boxes and we only print when necessary. A portion of our landscape watering even comes from recycled water! However, we are now taking the initiative to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Effective immediately, RBCS will do the following;

  • All of our clients will have the option, with each consulting or onsite training engagement, to purchase carbon offsets. Carbon offsets support the use of clean technologies like renewable energy, carbon sequestration or energy efficiency improvements to help drive reductions in carbon emissions elsewhere.
  • We will place stickers or other notifications on each shipping box, encouraging the user to reuse the box.
  • RBCS will reuse all usable boxes and paper materials.
  • RBCS will make available, in the near future, the option to receive electronic rather than paper versions of our training materials and other currently-printed items. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a pilot.

This is a working policy and will change as we acquire more information to aid our efforts in reducing our impact on the environment.