Secure Shopping

Here at RBCS, Inc., we are committed to ensuring that the information you share with us remains secure and private.

How We Make Online Shopping Safe for You:

At RBCS, Inc., we use the best in technology to protect any credit cared information you submit. As soon as you enter the checkout portion of our site, your screen becomes secure by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL  translates your data into secret code that can only be read if you have access to a secret key or password. To make sure you are in a secure mode, the website address should begin with https:// rather than http://. Another way to check for a secure connection is to look for an icon in your browser. Microsoft uses the image of a padlock. All secure information you provide is stored on a computer that is not connected to the internet. We do not share any of this information and it is not stored in any other location. If you still do not wish to enter your information online, feel free to call our customer service at (866) 438-4830 or use our Contact Us form.

Please don't send any credit card information to RBCS, Inc. through email or any comment forms. Neither way is secure and your information will not be safety transmitted.

Fraudulent Charges:

Under federal law, if someone were to fraudulently use your credit card, you will not be held accountable for more than $50 of the fraudulent charges. If you are subjected to fraudulent charges, please remember to notify your credit card provider as soon as you notice the charges.

For more information on credit card or online security, please view our Privacy Policy page.